Blink – Catch That Moment


The 2014 career spanning retrospective “Catch That Moment” from Irish indie legends Blink. Features songs from their albums “A Map of the Universe”, “The End is High” and “Deep Inside The Sound of Sadness”.


1. Never Too Late to Start again (unreleased)

2. Cello 20

3. That Was A Happy Day

4. The Tiny Magic Indian

5. Going To Nepal

6. Can (unreleased)

7. It’s Not My Fault

8. To Go

9. Fundamentally Loveable Creature

10. Dead Little Bird

11. Billy (unreleased)

12. Don’t You Rollerblade In Nashville Tennessee?

13. We All Know What Happens Next

14. A Planet Made Of Rain

15. There’s Something Wrong With Norman’s Mom

16. Would You Kill For Love?

17. The House That Illuminates Your Thoughts

18. Separation

19. Cello 20 (Radio Edit)


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