PictureHouse release new song and emotive new video campaign

  • PictureHouse – When I see you again
  • Features new video campaign for people to send in photos of those they are missing right now.



PictureHouse have today launched their new single “When I see you again” and an accompanying video campaign where people are encouraged to send in photos of loved ones as a message of love during difficult times.

Frontman and songwriter Dave Browne explains: “I woke up last week at 5 am as I am sure a lot of you did too. I wrote “When I see you again” as it was how I was feeling in this strange time and am sure lots of us feel the same. This is a song of love and longing, and a way to let all of the people we care about know.

So we are inviting everyone who has a message they want to send to upload a photograph memory or picture, as a message from you to them.

We will then put these pictures into videos of this song and release new ones every day for you to share with the ones you love.

I know we are all missing someone else so let’s send this message of love to them all.”

Photos can be submitted now at www.picturehouse.ie.

When I see you again is available to stream and download now from smarturl.it/phwheniseeyouagain

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