Patrick Bergin announced new single “If You Ever See Jesus Again”

Patrick Bergin has announced details of his next single “If you ever see Jesus again” which is out now on Avalon records.

Showing Patrick’s country and folks influences and recorded by Ken Kiernan, the track sees Bergin at a crossroads asking the listener that if they ever see Jesus, would they put a good word in for him .

The track is backed up with a second song which has lots of personal references to Patrick. Tipperary Waltz is about Patrick’s fathers uncle Hugh who was traumatised fighting in the battle of the Somme during WW1.

The songs title is also a nod to Patrick’s father who had asked him to write a song for Tipperary to replace “It’s a long way to Tipperary” which was seen by some as a recruiting song for the British army. Watch the emotive lyric video¬†here.