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Recorded your record and don’t know or would rather not do the promotion yourself? We can help. With a track record of releases from some of Ireland’s most popular acts, come talk to us about your release.

Can you help us get our songs to media? Does it cost a lot?

Yes we can, email for more details. It costs a lot less than you think.

I’m looking for a short run of promo CD, can you help?

Yes, simply send us the audio and the text to appear on the CD. The CD’s will be delivered in Dublin within 3 days (4 days rest of Ireland).

How much does it cost?

Email us at for a quote.

Can you help me get my songs on iTunes and Spotify?

Yes we can get your music to every online outlet throughout the world. Contact us at or call us (office hours) 01-9055879 or fill in the form at our contact page

I want to sell my music to fans but haven’t the time to do the administration.

We can manage your online shop. Ask us how!

I really don’t want to manage my admin. Can you help with this?

Of course, email us and let us know what you are looking for.


We can help!


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